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Delicious Pancake Brunch

A selection of designer plates for pancake brunch

A Gold Plate For Pancake Day!

Whether you call it “Shrove Tuesday” or “Pancake Day”, you know it will be made special when you serve your pancakes on a beautiful gold plate from AnnaVasily. Traditionally, during Lent people stop eating little delicacies and rich foods like butter and eggs. Pancake Day was an opportunity to use up these products in your kitchen so they didn’t go to waste. It’s the last day before Lent, and a day to feast on life’s luxuries. So, whether you observe Lent, use the theme to raise money for charity or hold a Pancake Day office event, add a gold plate to your splurge and you will bring the humble pancake to a whole new indulgent level! It’s the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself and your family with sweet or savoury pancakes served on a beautiful gold plate. Treat your family with food made with love this Pancake Day.

Pancake day
Pancake day
platter pancake brunch

Add An Extra Sparkle To Your Pancake Day.

Get some inspiration for Pancake Day and add an extra sparkle to your table with this adorable pancake plate. Terry comes in a gentle cream colour with our Perky Chrysanthemum design and has a diameter of 25.4cm. Your pancakes will look amazing stacked on Terry and you will appreciate the ongoing joy this little touch of class creates in your home!


Bring Your Delectable Pancakes To Whole New Level With Alexa!

So, you want to bring your delectable pancakes to whole new level? The Alexa gold pancake plate is shaped in an artistic style, in matte gold in our retro Sixties pattern. She is 29.5cm in length and 28cm wide. Adorn your table with the Alexa gold pancake plate and enjoy the compliments from your friends and family!


Large Breakfast Platter To Satisfy Your Generous Servings!

Create an elegant arrangement of your delicious goodness on Pancake Day for your guests to savour! With a diameter of 42cm, Tama is a large breakfast platter with a playful freeform rim, coloured in classy dark brown with our flirty Sixties design. You will create an impression as a host with exceptional style, taste and party organising skills with Tama!


Fancy Some Maple Syrup, Served In A Glass Creamer For Your Pancake Stack?

Perfectly designed and crafted, Fancy is a delicate tableware accessory that will add an extra touch of glamour to your Pancake Day get-together! 10cm in length, 7.5cm wide and 7cm high, Fancy is a cute little glass creamer in a natural form, tinted in our majestic matte gold colour. With a capacity of 70mls, you will impress your guests by serving maple syrup, yoghurt or cream in Fancy. Your entertainment decor will be complete when you add the Fancy glass creamer to your collection!


Create A Memorable Event This Year.

Create a memorable event for Pancake Day that your guests will rave about. Check out these fantastic gold plates, breakfast platter and glass creamer now.

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