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Dinnerware & Tableware Blog | Anna's Advice

Our designer tableware blog has articles about table settings, gifts for home and home decor. A dinnerware blog to get creative with original tips and ideas for elegant table decorations and modern table decor design or find the perfect stylish gift for a wedding, an anniversary, a housewarming party or any other occasion.

Cake stand

50 + Wedding Gift Ideas – The Ultimate List

Weddings are important events that get remembered and talked about for years to come. It’s a one in a lifetime gathering of friends and family and it’s understandable that any bride and groom would want it to be special. But weddings are not only for the happy couple to stand out as guests have their […]

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AnnaVasily Gift Box

50 Gift Ideas for the 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50th wedding anniversary is a great accomplishment and should be celebrated in style. Naturally, on such a special occasion the couple should be the centre of attention and the guests of the celebration should come prepared, bringing presents that reflect the many happy years of marriage. Sometimes, however, it might not be so easy […]

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christmas table setting Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with handcasted and hand polished bronze handles. Gala is presented together with two handcrafted champagne glasses with the same colour glass jem as Gala.

50+ Christmas Table Setting Ideas – The Ultimate List

Christmas is one of the most important and celebrated holidays in the world. It`s a holiday surrounded by the sense of magic, had the ability to bring out the best in people and of course, gathers the whole family around the table. Preparations for the holiday usually start early on and require meticulous planning, both […]

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Champagne Glassses

25 Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas that Stand Out

Choosing a proper wedding gift can prove to be very challenging. Usually there are so many guests that it seems impossible to pick something unique and leave a lasting impression. We’ve all heard nightmares of newlyweds getting so many similar items that most end up buried in a closet somewhere. That’s why a personalized gift […]

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