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Did Someone Say "Delicate Pizza Bites?"

Pizza plate 3 fan shaped pizza plates in three complimentary colours: light blue, jade green, soft shell pink with deliciously looking small pizzas in them.

“Your pizzas look great on this lovely pizza plate!” say your girlfriends.


Anyone with an interest in food, whether a self-proclaimed “foodie” or a gourmet chef, probably knows that October is National Pizza Month. First established in the United States over 30 years ago, why not take part and enjoy the celebration as well!

Do you miss the girls like you miss pizza? Nothing is easier to fix than this, especially when you have evolved in your food presentation style and you are now ready to show off and spread your magic!

Enjoy some “Dolce Far Niente” time with your girlfriends during the beginning of spring to recharge and get ready for the new season. Everything is easier and more pleasant when there’s pizza and wine involved! Colourful and light guilt-free pizza slices, ricotta or vegeteriana, presented on delightful pizza plates are just the beginning of a beautiful lunch in the garden. As women, we love creating a visual impact and presentation plays crucial role in a well-planned ladies light lunch. You’ve come to the right place to get some inspiration on how to design your table for your every own chic pizza day!

Pizza plate Dora is a lovely fan-shaped tapas plate in jade green with our alluring Vivace pattern. Dora is presenting lovely pizza with cauliflower crust and cherry tomatoes. Dora is positioned on white wood background.
Pizza plate Judy is a lovely charger plate in a soft shell pink with our delicate Vivace pattern and designed in a chic fan-shape. Judy is on white wooden table and is presenting a great cranberry pizza with riccota.
Pizza plate Hand-crafted from the finest glass materials with a beautifully curved edge, it features our tender Vivace pattern in a chic fan shape.
Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with handcasted and hand polished bronze handles. gala is presenting 4 different flavoured beers with ice. On the background you can see 2 different

Triangle Pizza Plates?

Dora, Judy and Nina, with a length of 41cm and a width of 26 cm, are 3 fan-shaped triangular dinnerware plates in complimentary colours. To recreate an amazing pizza experience you can design a 3, 6 or 9 piece table setting with different coloured plates. Inspired by the joy of sharing and enjoying life, these plates are designed for you to present your hospitality in a way that encourages these moments. Share and enjoy with the people you love!

Dora is in jade green, Judy in soft shell pink and Nina in light dawn blue – all 3 designs are with our alluring “Vivace” pattern. They are lovely plates, hand-crafted from the finest glass materials with beautifully curved edges designed in a chic fan-shape. They will be more than happy to present your tasty gourmet pizzas when you create a sophisticated feel for your next special occasion by adding these pieces to your dinnerware collection!

Gorgeous Wine Bucket

You’ve paired a cheeky French white wine with your special pizzas and now you can ensure it stays crisp and cold in our classy Gala. Gala is a gorgeous blue wine ice bucket that sits on a bronze pedestal with hand casted and hand polished bronze handles. With the Gala champagne or wine ice bucket on your table, your party is destined to be a success! Where there are girls, there is always a place for Gala!

Pizza is for Queens

One of the stories often told about pizza is that it was created to honour the Queen of Italy. So, we can literally say that pizza was designed to be appreciated by all Queens in the world! Pizza is a special food that has the possibility to create magic, not only because it is simple, comfortable and easy but also because you can experiment with colourful ingredients and different presentation approaches.

Don’t miss the opportunity this Pizza Month to gather your girlfriends and host a lovely lunch. Make it a special classy pizza day – ladies only!

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