Patterned Dinnerware & Cake Stands. Venetian Style I AnnaVasily

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Pattered Dinnerware to Adorn Your Style in the Manner of Catherine De' Medici

patterned dinnerware round cake stands

The Venetian Filigree patterned dinnerware gives a gentle noble touch to your tabletop or interior home design and resembles the style of Renaissance elite. The pattern delicately adorns our products in a modern and aristocratic way and turns them into a fabulous display of fancy desserts and delicacies


Renaissance Patterns tabletop stands Combination of stands on bronze pedestals in Filigree pattern and complimentary soft colours with beautiful antient ruins on the background
patterned dinnerware round cake stands
patterned dinnerware round cake stands

Add a gorgeous cake stand to your patterned dinnerware to impress!

Amari, Amri and Santo each sit on a hand cast bronze pedestal.  They are beautifully decorated in our royal Venetian Filigree pattern.  Amari and Amri come in cameo rose and Santo is in a delightful cream colour.

With a diameter of 30cm and a height of 20.5cm, Amari is the perfect cake stand for a festive cake, tart or pie.

Our beautiful Amri is a cake stand, 15.5cm tall and with a diameter of 24.5cm.  A great way to present your baked achievements.

Santo is a cute small stand, 14.5cm in diameter and a petite 8cm tall. Present your cupcakes, macaroons or petit fours on Santo for an unforgettable party!

Create a signature event with these exclusive patterned dinnerware accessories. You’ll glow with pride when you entertain your guests with these cake stands from AnnaVasily!

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