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A Spoonful Of Happiness!

Colourful ice cream bowls filled with ice cream

An ice cream bowl filled with happiness! Ice cream during the winter season contains tons of health benefits, not only for tiny humans but also for you and your friends. Ice cream is filled with protein, vitamins and calcium and it is scientifically proven that it cures a sore throat! On top of that, ice cream helps your body produce more happy hormones and is a proven stimulant of imagination and creativity! All this in just a small glass ice cream bowl of deliciousness!

ice cream bowl light dawn blue ice cream bowl, gently supported by a metal spiral base with glass spoons in blue and pink
Ice cream Day Ice Cream Bowl
Ice cream bowl elegant soft shell pink napkin holder in our sparkling “Delicate Lace” pattern
Ice cream bowl Fona is a sweet heart shaped soft shell pink dessert spoon and Lin is a blissful heart shaped glass dessert spoon tinged in our light dawn blue colour
Ice cream bowl creatively shaped small bowl, decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream colours with lovely matching soft shell pink glass spoon and butterfly shaped napkin ring

There is only one conclusion you can make – you need to host a winter ice cream themed party for your friends and family! Because taking care of those you love the most is fun and no one can do it better than you! Of course, to help you in your mission to be healthier and happier, we have prepared a selection of ice cream inspired products that will not only look good on your table but are also practical and fun to use!

Ice cream bowls

Jesse is a soft shell pink glass ice cream bowl which is gently supported by a metal spiral base. The unique floral form of the bowl will make you feel unique when you serve ice cream or sorbet in Jesse, or simply use to accessorize the table in style with bread sticks. She is 12.5cm tall with a curved rim and is 11cm in diameter. It is hard to drop Jesse because taking your hands off her is simply unthinkable! Aspe is a light dawn blue ice cream bowl, beautifully supported by a metal spiral base. Just like Jesse! With a capacity of 250ml, Aspe will allow you to play with colours and additional decorations in a very creative way.

Add a touch of charm when serving ice-cream deserts! Alia is a creatively shaped small glass bowl, decorated in a blissful mix of light dawn blue and cream colours. Serve sorbet or ice cream – Alia is a perfect addition to your home accessories that will make every day feel like a special occasion! Alia is a 200ml ice cream bowl with a diameter of 12.5cm and a height of 6cm.
Some people say they just love ice cream so much, eating it gives them “butterflies in the stomach”!

Napkin Holders

With this in mind, add a decorative butterfly napkin holder to your presentation! Choose either Mon or Neya! Both are pretty pieces of tabletop jewellery designed to complement your place setting. Mon is an elegant soft shell pink napkin holder in our sparkling “Delicate Lace” pattern and Neya is decorated with our gentle “Lace” pattern, in sweet turtledove colour, tied softly with a silky ribbon. Adorn your table with these fantastic fairy butterfly napkin holders that will smarten your tabletop at any time of the year, no matter the occasion. Enjoy the flattering compliments you’ll receive from your guests as they admire your exquisite taste and style!

Ice cream spoons

And what better way to enjoy a delicious spoonful of ice cream than with an amazing glass ice cream spoon! Your dreams can come true with these sweet heart shaped dessert spoons. Lin comes in light dawn blue and Fona in soft shell pink! These glass spoons are perfect for any occasion but most of all to eat exquisite mouthfuls of ice cream! With Lin and Fona you’ll enjoy hosting friends even more! Both are 19 cm in length and perfect for the hands of tiny humans and grown-ups alike. Your almost sinful luscious ice cream, will taste even more mouth-watering when served with these fabulous glass ice cream spoons. They are great to reach every last mouthful of ice cream in the bowl!

Anyone said party?

You can have the best of both worlds when serving amazing ice cream during winter as you’re still taking care of the health of your family! Creative and fun, this beautiful event will not only help you keep the coveted position of “Best Mum and Wife”, it will also enable you to enjoy some precious time with your family. One of the biggest health benefits of ice cream!

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