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On Baking Day, Your Cake Is The Queen And Cake Stand Is Her Throne

Baking Day Cake Stand Lovely presentation of bakes and cupcakes in a white kitchen in light blue

2 words – Cake Stand!

A throne for your Queen. Explore the next level of sophistication and present your baking accomplishments like a true pastry chef! On Baking Day, think of all those little details that will dish up your cake like a MasterChef talent. With a unique glass cake stand, cake plating and cake presentation do get points!

Here are 5 tips to consider when plating your cake like a pro:

1. The focal point is the cake but your eye has to flow across the cake stand. Therefore, allow for negative space. Make sure your cake is smaller than the cake stand so that it breathes in space.

2. Coordinate the colour of your cake with the one of your cake holder. There is nothing more beautiful and balanced than a colour match.

3. Use a cake stand! It will add height and drama to your cake presentation.

4. Use glass or ceramics. Disposable cake stands are not environmentally friendly and they are kind of cheap and sometimes unbalanced… you don’t want that!

5. Use fresh flowers to add a vibrant touch to your table.


Baking Day Cake Stand resting upon hand cast bronze pedestals with small white cake topped with white and light blue flowers
A lady putting on the table a light blue Cake Stand low rest hand cast bronze pedestals, surrounded by flowers
Cake Stand heart shaped glass plate in light blue with little glass spoons and a french macaroon on top
Beautiful cakes presentation for Baking day in white and light blue collours, glass cake stands and tableware

Anna, who has been collaborating with the best pastry chefs worldwide for over 20 years, and she has carefully designed and created a collection of handcrafted glass cake stands to make every cake look and feel like a real Queen. Made with love, her objects create those magic touches that make a house, a home: we call it “Magic in the Making”.

Meet your new best friends:

Aige, Harmo and Vero are cake stands that rest upon hand cast bronze pedestals and are adorned in the Venetian Filigree pattern. All coloured in metallic light dawn blue and pearly lily white. Supports are made of hand cast and hand polished bronze. Harmo sits low, Aige stands tall and Vero is petite for individual cakes and petit fours. Besides, Vero has a handmade glass cover with a handcrafted unique bronze handle.

All of them are designed with attention to detail and have a unique quality superbness. They are sturdy thrones for unique cakes. They will present any cake with absolute confidence, as a unique personality. Cake stands that will make a cake look and feel like a Queen. You would expect nothing less but the best for your friends, family and yourself.

So, Happy Baking Day!

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